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NWSW BIOS // INFO [2023]


James Kocian - Meh. A dude. Noted for being Nate's dad.

Jim Thacker - Kazen Music Group Owner. Music Producer/Publisher.

Jordan Biel - Producer/Innovate Records Label Owner.

Robbie Hancock - Producer/Sync or Swim Music founder.

Matt Vander Boegh - Producer/Sync Music Instrumental Expert.

Tony Piantine - Camp Daniel Founder. Visionary leader.


Jill Kocian (hospitality) - the kind of person who makes everyone feel welcome and puts people at ease. When Jill's there, life is good.

Stephanie Heins  (people movers) - An organizing guru who is also fun. Like the energizer bunny.

Justin Steiner (tech team) - A one person team? When Justin is on the scene, you're covered.

Annissa Hartwig (Camp Daniel Missionary) - curator of all things cool at Camp Daniel who catches vision early and stays late to make it happen. 

Ruth Hucek (Camp Daniel Missionary) - craft ideas and overall vision implementer. Also her vibe is so cool and easy, like your fun cousin.

Nancy List (Nancy's Fancies) - so cool she got a shop named after her at Camp Daniel.


Big Nate St. John - He's 6'11. You can't miss him. His kindness is legendary.

Janell Peters- She sings, she runs Janell's Java, she drives people around. What's not to like?

Therese Shelter - Another implementing genius. A wonderful person all around.

Natashia Atkinson - A very resourceful, talented friend who also zips around on a 100cc moped.

Garrett Carlson - Yes, he's engaged to Maddie Kocian. And yes, Maddie's Dad approves. 'nuff said.

Nicole Leigh - A great human who will help anyone, anytime.

Mick Berg - He's the guy you call in a jam. He always picks up, always shows up. Also, very black hair. Just sayin'

Jill Galt/Mike McCaffrey - Yes, they're attending. Monster writers. Hopefully also good drivers. They offered to help drive - that's who they are.


Emma Anderson - (artist) a social media expert who sings like an angel.

Jeff Berglund - (songwriter) a smart writer specializing in singer songwriter vibes. Very smart dude.

Eddy Bishai - (songwriter/producer) need energy? Either drink a rockstar or hang with Eddy. Eddy is way more fun, and no crash. Vibey.

Aaron Brown - (songwriter) an incredibly transparent, kind, and intuitive creative. A guy you want in your circle.

Terrell Burt - (producer/artist) for as talented as he is (extremely), it's his heart and spirit that make you love him even more. Also, likes 1996.

Carrie Bussen - (songwriter/top liner) Any friend of FM Cossey is a friend of ours! A humble hearted creative who covers many genres.

Valinda Butterfield (songwriter) A truly artistic human who writes music and has her own line of successful greeting cards.

Joe Butterfield - (musician/engineer) Humble, honest, kind, supportive. The kind of friend everyone wants.

FM Cossey - (songwriter) she lives in New Zealand and her dedication to being at the NWSW retreat mirrors her commitment to excellence in the industry, Great sync songwriter and smart collaborator.

Gloria Covington (songwriter) someone you know you can trust instantly. Heartfelt writer who includes others beautifully.

Greg Covington (spouse/engineer) - He signed up because that's who he is. Supportive, insightful, always smiling.

Dave Cressman (songwriter) - possibly the youngest spirited baby boomer in history. A motivated, smart, and eager learner.

Amanda Dejetley (parent) - She lives in paradise (Hawai'i), and travelled a looong way to learn, support, and engage creatives.

Todd Dunnigan (songwriter/producer/artist) - super versatile musician. Beyond that, a guy who loves learning and could easily be your best pal.

Jennifer Ferguson (songwriter) - someone who brings brilliant ideas and modern flair to every writing opportunity.

Jill Galt (songwriter) - of "Mike & Jill" fame. Next level writer leading the way for others to follow. Ask her about the "would it kill ya" story.

Matt Glickstein (songwriter) - super talented writer who has a way of putting everyone he's around at ease. A guy you love working with.

Laurel Gonzago (composer) - tenacious in her pursuit of musical excellence, she's an amazing instrumentalist who is gaining traction fast.

Andrew Jordan (songwriter/producer) - lives in PA but has that super cool LA vibe. Immensely talented and versatile. A fun dude.

Raegan Jude (artist) - a singer who draws people in with her vulnerability. Makes you believe the words are true. Also, afraid of wolves.

Gwendolyn Edwards Karkenny - (songwriter/artist) In Cali now, but still has that Midwest kindness. Infuses heart and emotion into everything.

Maddie Kocian - (songwriter/artist) Her authenticity comes through in everything. As real as it gets.

Nate Kocian (superstar VIP) - Nate makes everything, and everyone better. Plays the cajon well, and sings "Baby, Baby, Baby" by biebs daily.

Niki Koltz (songwriter/artist) - a passionate leader gifted in worship, leading with heart and authenticity. Someone you like partnering with.

Michelle Lindley  (songwriter/artist) - an artist who embodies vibey coolness. Versatile writer in sync, also crafting riveting artist songs.

Mike McCaffrey (songwriter) - of the "Mike and Jill" clan. Called "Dr. Mike" because he can perform specialized surgery on a song like no other.

Cheryl Mitchell (songwriter) - took a risk years ago in sharing a lyric in LA with James. Now she's writing for films. Cheryl is all heart.

Karen Mitchell (songwriter) - a pillar of the tribe. The first to sign up, and one of the best friends you could ask for. Immensely talented lyricist.

Jono Michell (composer) - a humble, honest and transparent instrumental composer who has a great flair for dynamic, modern songs.

David Mitchell (spouse) - Karen's husband. Smart, funny, kind. A guy you want at your BBQ, or if you have a flat tire. Just knows lots of stuff.

Monica Morong (songwriter/artist) - a talented artist who couples ambition with resilience and bravery. Also always seems to be taking vitamins.

Kay Mott (songwriter) - a gyspy spirit with an unmatched kindness. Dedicated, full of zeal and fantastic ideas.

Jim Mott (spouse) - husband to Kay. The steady hand in life's swirl. When Jim is around, you feel better.

Colin Nichols (songwriter/artist) - a gifted singer and even better guy. Everything good about good people is Colin Nichols.

Ariah Shimokawa (songwriter/artist) - at 16, our youngest creative. Also from Hawai'i. The kind of artist you root for, and want to help. Gifted.

Kyla Stephens (artist) - when she sings, you stop whatever it was you were doing to listen. She's that good. Also, lives where Wal-Mart started.

David Vazquez (songwriter) - song idea master. Title king. Super original guy who is better than he realizes.

David Wallace (songwriter/producer/artist) - his vibe in life is his vibe in music. Cool, genuine, indie, alt pop authenticity. Master story teller.

Megan Woodruff (songwriter/artist) - driven indie alt pop artist who delivers a major vocal. Creative vocal arrangements match her cool vibe.

Cari Lynn York (songwriter/artist) - if she's using her middle name, ya know she's COUNTRY! A powerhouse singer with a heart of southern gold.



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